Monday, November 29, 2021
HomelifestyleLeopard entered Rishikesh's colony, stirred up people

Leopard entered Rishikesh’s colony, stirred up people

Rishikesh: There was a stir in the Housing Development Colony of Rishikesh on Tuesday morning when people saw leopards running away. The sound of shouting of people also stirred the surrounding areas. On seeing the leopard, people informed the forest department. The team has reached the spot. Rishikesh Range Officer Mahendra Singh Rawat has told that the leopard entered the Shiva Enclave Lane No. 3 of the housing development at 6.30 am. The leopard was going to prepare food for the cows tied in the cowshed. But seeing the leopard, there was a stampede among the cows when the shepherd reached the spot.

When the shepherd raised a noise, the leopard started running from an empty plot. Where a milkman saw a leopard. On shouting of the milkman, the leopard ran towards the nearby sterling factory. The forest ministry team is on the lookout for the leopard.

The area is already infested with leopards. A few months ago, the Forest Department had kept a leopard and a cub in a cage by putting a cage here. According to reports, a cage is still in place to locate the leopard in the affected area. Meanwhile, the forest department team has also asked the people around to be careful.




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