‘Leaked Videos’: Viral Girl Who Shared CU MMS For Money, Protest Status, & More



CU MMS: Chandigarh University incident shook the world, following the accusations of inappropriate videos of college girls released by a hosteller. A 22-year-old girl from Shimla released personal videos she had taken of friends in her hostel in exchange for cash. The horrific incident took place on the day before yesterday. Chandigarh University students held a protest after the alleged ” video leaks of female students became online.

Check out the clip of the female at Chandigarh University who made private videos of over 60 girls living in the hostel.

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In the reports of the girl, who is pursuing her degree at Chandigarh University were recorded videos of 60 girls who were bathing. She then sent them to an unnamed young man who helped her earn more money.

The man who was involved in the leak of 60 girls in private MMS messages is now exposed. This scandalous incident damaged the women with a bad reputation who adhere to feminist principles. The College students protested against the college in a bid for fairness. Following the incident, a lot of parents sent their children to their homes for a few days. The college administration has issued an announcement of one week’s leave to address this problem.

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This is why girls may receive threatening phone calls from countries around the world about videos. In the meantime, eight students took suicide attempts, in this case, two of them were in critical condition and one of them was dead. The University is situated in Mohali, Punjab. CU students are accusing the police and the management for not addressing the issue, and students are constantly protesting to get justice.

Below are the online community’s reactions to the CU MMS Case and protest,


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