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Kader Khan used to beg outside the mosque, had left food before 5 days of his death.

Today is the birthday of Kader Khan, who won everyone’s heart with his performance in Bollywood. Kader Khan may not be in this world today, but people have not forgotten him till date. People are still fans of Kader Khan and give him a lot of love. Kader Khan was born on 22 October 1937 in Kabul, Afghanistan. He breathed his last on 31 December 2018 in Toronto, Canada. Kader started his career with the 1973 film “Daag”. After this film, he appeared in many powerful films. However, there was a time when he once used to beg in a mosque.


Actually, before Kader Khan, his mother had three sons, but all of them died at the age of 8. After Kader’s birth his mother got scared, due to which she decided to come to India and she came to Mumbai. At the same time, when Kader was one year old, his parents got divorced. Then he went to Dongri and begged in a mosque, and with the money he got during the day, he lit the stove in his house.


According to some media reports, Kader Khan went into a coma shortly before his death. Five days before his death, he had eaten and the food was prepared by Kader Khan’s daughter-in-law Sahista, Sarfaraz’s wife. Then he refused to eat hospital food. At that time Sahista explained to him that food was very important to him, but Kader could not muster the courage to eat anything. A friend of Kader had said, ‘He was a real Pathan. For 5 days he neither ate anything nor drank water. Still, he fought for 120 hours. It was not for everyone. Kader is not in this world today but is alive in the hearts of the people.




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