Javed Jaffrey and Adnan Sami’s ex-wife is Jeba Bakhtiyar, has done four marriages


Pakistani actress Zeba Bakhtiyar, who appeared in the film ‘Henna’, made many people crazy with her beauty, although she is no longer seen in films. However, the one who brought this Pakistani actress to Bollywood was actor Raj Kapoor. Zeba appeared in the 1991 film Henna opposite Rishi Kapoor and that was her first film. By the way, Jeba is a resident of Pakistan. However, it is said that Raj Kapoor was so impressed by her beauty that he proposed the film Henna to Jeba.


While Jabba’s film life was good, his married life was not very good. Apart from actor Javed Jaffrey, Jeba was married to singer Adnan Sami but both did not marry. Jabba has had four marriages. Let us tell you that Jeba is the daughter of Pakistani politician and former Attorney General Yahya Bakhtiar. He started his career with small screen in Pakistan. He played an important role in the TV serial Anarkali in 1988. Seeing his work in the same show, Raj Kapoor gave him work in the film ‘Henna’ under RK banner. The film was a blockbuster, though none of his films did well after that.


When Zeba did not succeed in Bollywood, she returned to Pakistan and acted in several films. After ‘Henna’, Jeba worked in Bollywood films like ‘Stuntman’ and ‘Jai Vikrant’. According to reports, Jabba has done four marriages. She married Salman Valiani for the first time and had a daughter, though the couple parted ways shortly after. Zeba then married actor Javed Jaffrey in 1989, however when news of the two surfaced in the media, Zeba called them a rumor and denied the marriage. Javed had made his nikahnama public at that time but both of them got divorced within a year.

Then, in 1993, Zeba married Adnan Sami for the third time and Adnan was 22 years old. The couple had a son, Ajan Sami, but Jeba and Adnan separated after four years of marriage. At that time there was a legal battle between the two regarding the custody of the son and Jabba got the custody of the son. Jeba finally married Sohail Khan Leghadi of Pakistan for the fourth time and now Jeba is leading a happy life in Pakistan and appears in many Pakistani shows.



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