Monday, November 29, 2021
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Jasmine shared such a picture that Aly Goni said, ‘Call me to you’

TV actress Jasmin Bhasin is well-liked these days for her beauty as well as her innocent style. Jasmine wins anyone’s heart anytime with her fabulous style. Now once again a new glimpse of her has made her fans crazy about her. Jasmine’s new look is making people drunk. You can see the actress has shared two of her pictures on Instagram.


She has flaunted her look in a green traditional dress and golden earrings in her ears. You can see in a picture she is posing side by side in the pool. In this picture, she is wearing a black outfit. There her beauty looks amazing.


Not only this, her likable antics have also convinced her boyfriend Aly Goni. ‘You give caption’, writes Jasmine along with her picture. Aly Goni wrote, ‘Leave the caption. Call me to you’. Seeing this, Jasmine wrote, ‘I have already called you to me. By the way, you can see Jasmine’s pictures are full of reaction. From many celebs to the common man, Jasmine’s look has been described as a killer.




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