Indian Railways Update IRCTC Cancelled Trains On 2 July 2022


Indian Railways Update IRCTC Cancelled Trains on 2 July 2022

Train Cancelled Listing from 22 July 2022 Indian Railways is thought to be the mainstay of the of all the citizens of the nation. Every day , thousands of people use trains. Railways also operate hundreds of trains daily. Indian Railways is one of the biggest railroad networks around the globe. In this situation due to the huge number of passengers that the railways have to take control of their needs however, sometimes, due to various reasons trains are required to be cancelled (Cancel Train List), changed train lists or diverted. Is. Because of this, people are likely to deal with problems. In such a scenario If you’re planning to go somewhere via train, you should firstly, go through the list of cancelled trains carefully.

Trains are cancelled every day for diverse reasons, the primary reason is weather. Sometimes, trains are cancelled due to rain, storms, and so on. The monsoon season is now begun. In this situation there is a flooding situation that is affecting many parts across the nation. In such a scenario it is because of this that trains are required to be cancelled. Sometimes, the timing of trains also needs to be altered.

In addition trains are required to be cancelled to protect the law and order as well as for a myriad of other reasons. Every day , thousands of trains run in the Railways. In this scenario the proper maintenance and repairs to tracks are very vital. In this situation railways also repair these tracks frequently by cancelling trains.

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Today, 159 trains were cancelled, with many being divertedToday i.e. Tuesday, July 2nd 2022. Railways have cancelled 159 trains. On the other hand the total number of trains were rescheduled for today and 29 trains were diverted. In such a scenario we will tell you how to find the schedule of these threetrains.

How can I view the list of cancelled divert and reschedule trains

  • To check the list of canceled trains, visit the website of
  • A Exceptional Trains option will appear. Select this option
  • Click here to see a list of cancelled Trains, Rescheduled, and Diverted.
  • You should leave the house only after you have checked this, otherwise you could be forced to deal with problems later on.


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