Indian Railway Rules IRCTC Know Cancellation Rules Of Waiting E Ticket And Refund Policy


Indian Railway Rules IRCTC Know Cancellation Rules Of Waiting E Ticket And Refund Policy

Indian Railway Rules: Railway is considered to be the lifeline of India. Every day railway operates hundreds of trains in which lakhs of passengers travel to reach their destination. For the convenience of passengers, Railways provides the facility of online ticket booking.

Nowadays most of the passengers book tickets online through IRCTC. But, sometimes due to overcrowding or festive season, a confirmed ticket is not available in the train. In such a situation, people buy waiting tickets in the hope that it will be confirmed later.

E-ticket becomes invalid in this condition
Sometimes the confirmed ticket is not booked. In such a situation, the online waiting e-ticket becomes invalid. You cannot travel on a waiting e-ticket as the railway automatically cancels the ticket if it is not confirmed.

If your ticket changes from waiting to RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) then in that case your ticket will remain valid and you can travel in the train. Apart from this, there is also an option to cancel that ticket. But, you will have to pay a nominal fee while canceling the RAC ticket.

Waiting e-ticket money is returned
According to the cancellation rules given in the IRCTC website, if the waiting e-ticket of a passenger is not confirmed, then the railway automatically cancels it. If you want, in case the ticket is not confirmed, you can cancel it later as well. In such a situation, the account from which the money was deducted while booking the ticket is returned to this account. In case of cancellation of the ticket, the entire money is returned without deducting the cancellation fee. However, the Convenience Charge and Transaction Charge that you feel while booking the ticket is not refundable.

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