If you want to sell used car then follow these tips, you will get good price

If you want to sell used car then follow these tips, you will get good price
If you want to sell used car then follow these tips, you will get good price

Selling your car is never easy. There is not only an emotional connection here, but it is also a challenge to get the right price of the vehicle by being aware of the realities of the market. We are telling some tips, following which you will get a good price for your car.

Price Check
Know the value of your used car based on the current market conditions. Knowing its actual value before negotiating with potential buyers will help you realize a better value. For this, check the portals selling used cars. You can then go to organized or branded used-car dealers to check the price difference.

Keep the documents ready
Before the sale, make sure that you have all the necessary documents with you. If the car has been purchased through a loan that has now been repaid, keep the NOC (No Objection Certificate) of the lender ready. If some amount is pending then clear it before selling the car. In addition, registration and pollution control certificate, valid insurance policy documents will be required.

Give a good look to a vehicle
Whether it’s people or cars, first impressions matter. Get the car inspected, servicing and cleaned through an authorized service center. This will help in rectifying minor glitches, dents or any other problem that may affect the market value of the car. Pre-sale servicing will help when potential buyers take a test drive for a final decision.

Although it will cost some money but the car will run smoothly, which will increase its sales potential. An excellent first impression can help you get a better price.

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Take care of the interior
Equally important is the interior to help you pay more. If the floor mats are worn out, replace them with new ones to give the interior a clean look. Similarly, if there are dirty seats, then put on new covers. During servicing, vacuum and dry clean the car to give the entire interior a fresh, shiny look. Using the right car air freshener can enhance the attractiveness of the interior.


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