Hyundai Mobis introduced new electric vehicle concept, know what is special about it


At the recently concluded CES 2022, Hyundai parts supplier Hyundai Mobis showcased a pair of mobility concept vehicles with unique 90-degree rotation wheels. With their innovative wheels, the concept vehicles, the M.Vision Pop electric vehicle and the M.Vision 2GO hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, also offered communications lighting and cargo storage.

The brand first introduced these autos last year. Hyundai Mobis is developing on a system that integrates steering, braking, suspension and driving systems into the wheel, eliminating the need for any mechanical connections between the pieces, showcased at CES 2018 Was. These cars have a small, boxy appearance and are equipped with advanced autonomous driving technology, primarily meant for shared mobility.

According to the company, this technology will aid these vehicles in managing space in a smart and efficient manner. This also means that the wheels can rotate 360 ​​degrees and sideways, making tasks like parking more convenient in the future. The company is currently conducting reliability tests, which will be followed by a large-scale production feasibility study. By 2023, Hyundai Mobis expects the system to be installed on a working skateboard chassis.

Both the M.Vision Pop and M.Vision 2GO have been designed according to the brand to accommodate the folding steering wheel introduced last year. Jin-Ho Park, Vice President of Communications, Hyundai Mobis, expressed his happiness at the positive response to his company’s innovations at the event. Park continued, “It is an honor to be instrumental in helping our OEMs and technology partners achieve their future mobility goals with vehicle technologies showcased at CES.”



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