Honda Motors Offerings The Heavy Discounts On Their Cars In This Month

Honda Motors
Honda Motors

Discount of Honda Cars: Japanese automaker Honda Motors is offering big discounts on its vehicles for customers this month. Customers are able to take advantage of this offer by way of cash discounts, exchange bonus as well as free accessories, and a corporate discounts.

With this discount offer offered by the company, vehicles like Honda Amaze, 5th generation Honda City and fourth generation Honda City, Honda WR-V and Honda Jazz are included. These deals are valid until the 31st of August, only. We’ll find out the discount the company is giving on each of its vehicles.

Honda Amaze

Honda is offering this offer on all models that it makes of the sedan. With this offer customers can avail the chance to earn a loyalty reward of Rs 5,000 as well as a corporate discount of 3,300. So customers could save up to 8,000 dollars on buying the vehicle.

4th Generation Honda City

The car is regarded as one of the top-selling cars of Honda. Honda offers discounts on all versions of this model. Honda is offering one discount on this car as an incentive for loyalty to customers of Rs.5,000. In addition there isn’t any other discount offered on this vehicle.

5th Gen Honda City

Fifth generation Honda City sedan is offered with the possibility of a cash discount up to Rs5,000, or the car swap discount worth Rs5,000 along with accessories valued at Rs5,496 and a loyalty reward of Rs5,000 and a bonus on car exchange of Rs7,000 as well as an corporate discounted rate of Rs5,000. It offers a total discount of Rs27,496 that includes discounts.

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Honda WR-V

With this discount, Honda is offering Rs10,000 off as car exchange and customer loyalty bonuses of Rs5,000 and a bonus on car exchanges of Rs7,000 and a corporate discount of Rs5,000 on all models that come with this model. This way you can avail a discount of up to 27,000 is available on purchasing this vehicle.

Honda Jazz

Honda offers an exchange discount on cars up to 10,000 rupees, a loyalty bonus of up to Rs5,000 as well as a car exchange bonus of Rs7,000 as well as an employee discount of Rs3,000 when you purchase this SUV. So there is a total discount of as much as 25,000. You can avail a discount on this vehicle.


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