Health Update: Now treat diseases like asthma with peepal leaves


In today’s time, there are many such diseases, whose treatment is easily available, but sometimes suddenly many big problems have to be faced, one of the reasons for which is that the treatment of that disease is not available on time. Not only this, many times people facing these diseases also become victims of death, but they cannot get rid of it, but today we have brought some such tips for you, which will help you fight diseases to a great extent. will do. ,


1- If you are a patient of asthma, then to get rid of this problem, remove the inner part of the peepal bark and dry it in the sun. Now make a powder by grinding it and then mix it in a glass of warm milk and drink it. Regular consumption of it cures respiratory problems and asthma.


2- Peepal leaves are also very beneficial to overcome stomach problems, if you have problems with gas, acidity, constipation, stomach pain, ulcers and infections, then regularly fresh peepal to get relief from these problems. Consume leaves. Drink the juice of the leaves. Consuming it daily in the morning and evening will remove all the problems of your stomach.

3- Drinking the powder of peepal bark regularly with warm milk keeps the sugar level under control.



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