Health Update: New study on corona, double risk of death


Recently, scientists from Oxford University have identified a gene that is a factor in doubling the risk of lung damage and death from corona. Yes, and scientists have also claimed that the genes present in South Asian people have made the corona more deadly. Let us tell you that scientists say that the LZTFL1 gene changes the way the lungs react to the virus. Not only this but it is also being claimed that it is the most important genetic risk factor ever identified.

Let us tell you that scientists have found in their study that 60% of South Asian people have this gene. On the other hand, in European countries it is only available to 15% of people. Indeed, the study was published last Thursday in the Journal of Nature Genetics and may explain the impact of corona in the Indian subcontinent. According to reports, research found that the gene blocks a key protective mechanism, which prevents the lungs from reacting to viral infections. At the same time, it is being said that when these cells meet with SARS-CoV-2, which causes corona infection, they turn into less specialized cells. This allows the virus to easily attack the body.

It is said that people who have a gene called LZTFL1 can benefit greatly from vaccination. Not only this, research also says that vaccination is very important in such people. Vaccination can reduce the risk of serious infection. At the same time, other independent experts have also called the study important, although saying that further investigation is needed.



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