Health News- When to clean the ears? What is the correct way to do this?


Friends, ear is an important part of the body. Ear cleaning is essential for good ear health. Excessive wax in the ear can cause serious problems.

Sometimes medical treatment is required. although, Some people have a habit of cleaning their ears more often than usual. Some people keep cleaning their ears without any reason with earbuds or anything else. Frequent ear cleaning is also dangerous. This can cause many problems.


It is common for dirt to accumulate in the ear. Due to this, the particles of external dust and dirt are not able to go inside the ear. Also bacteria cannot grow. It also reduces the risk of infection. Sometimes there is a sudden pain in the ear, hearing loss decreases, So it becomes necessary to clean the earwax. although, Some people constantly clean their ears with the help of cotton buds or other objects for no reason. But doing so consistently can cause problems.

Excessive accumulation of feces in the ear or less feces in the ear are both harmful. Not cleaning the earwax or not cleaning the earwax inexplicably increases the risk of infection. If a lot of stool gets accumulated in your ears in a short period of time, So it can be a sign of some disease. in such cases, It is necessary to consult a doctor immediately. It is necessary to clean the earwax only when there is pain in the ear., frequent whistling, Decreased hearing ability. however, Instead of cleaning your ears yourself, Anyone on ear problems and hygiene ENT You can consult an expert.


Due to the habit of cleaning the ear regularly, the stool often goes inside the ear. Instead of getting better, the problem may worsen. Frequent cleaning of the ear with a cotton bud or other object increases the risk of infection.



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