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HomelifestyleHealth News- These symptoms appear after Omicron, be alert

Health News- These symptoms appear after Omicron, be alert

The new varietal omicron infection of corona is spreading rapidly in the world and the country. Its patients are increasing every day all over the country, due to which lockdown has been imposed in many states of the country and schools in the state have also been closed for a few days and strict steps are being taken to prevent it. are. But one good thing about this variant for the people is that it is not fatal, according to experts.


But let us tell you that till now health experts have not reached any conclusion regarding this virus and scientists are continuously researching it. This is the reason why doctors are constantly urging you to do your best to avoid getting infected with this virus.

in such cases, It is important to know what the first symptoms are when you are exposed to the virus. So that if one member of the family gets infected, he can isolate himself. This will make it easier to protect other family members from infection.


Most patients with Omicron have early symptoms.

First sore throat, Itching or burning sensation is felt.

This is followed by nasal congestion and dry cough. That is, in the beginning there is a problem in the upper respiratory tract.

After this, problems like physical pain start.

The way Omicron is dominating the body, Health experts from different countries have almost the same opinion about it. People infected with the virus first get a sore throat or sore throat.




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