Health News- The sound was coming from the ears of a person, after checking, the doctors were stunned to see what they saw


All of you would like to swim in a big sea once in your life and want to enjoy it in your life, friends, we all know that for this you should know swimming, one such man returned home after swimming and that person’s ear I felt pain, at first she thought the pain was normal. But then the pain got worse and he had to go to the hospital. When the doctor checked there, he was surprised.


Let us tell you that this sentence is from Auckland, New Zealand, a man named Jane Wedding came home after swimming and when he woke up in the morning, he heard the sound of something ringing in his ears. Slowly he started to feel pain and then one ear stopped hearing him nearby.

After which Jane immediately went to the doctor, the doctor advised her to use some antibiotics and a hair dryer to dry her ears. The doctors thought that his ear got wet while swimming. But the reason was something else. after two days, Jane’s health did not improve and her pain was increasing.


Then Jane went to the ear specialist. There the doctors examined his ear and found a dead cockroach in it. The doctors first removed only half of the cockroaches. Then half of the part was removed from the ear with the help of a machine.

The doctor said that if the cockroach stayed in the ear for a few more days, then Jane Wedding would have got a tumor.



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