Health News- Ayurvedic extracts will give quick relief in symptoms like cold and flu


Friends, at this time the whole world is once again facing the wrath of Corona, because once again new variants of Corona Omicron It has made the condition of the people bad, not only in the whole world but its patients are increasing day by day in the country, due to which the lines on the forehead of the government are increasing. For its prevention, the government has issued new guidelines.

But friends, winter is at its peak at this time and its Social distancing to reduce the risk of viral infection symptoms, Some basic things like wearing a mask and cleanliness should be followed.

But friends, you will be healthy and you will not go viral, its effect also depends on your diet, because it plays an important role in keeping you healthy and fit.


nutritious vegetables, Fruits and spicy foods and drinks are immune boosters. They also help reduce the risk of viral infections. You can also take its extract for strong immunity.

You can make a very healthy extract to increase immunity. This extract is prepared using spices and herbs. These spices and herbs work medicinally. It is made using natural ingredients and has no side effects. Let’s learn how to make extracts to increase immunity.

you to make it

– 1 fresh ginger

of jaggery 1-2 pieces

few pieces of black pepper

Owa in a pinch

of cinnamon 3-4 small spoon

– 1-2 Star Deal

– 5-6 clove pieces

– 1-2 Big cardamom pieces


– 1 tsp Homemade Chai Masala

make it like this

in a pot 2 Take a glass of water and let it boil on the gas. Add grated ginger and other ingredients. to water 7 From 10 Let it boil for a minute until it turns black. Filter it in a glass and drink it hot.



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