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Happy Birthday Kamal Sadanah: The entire family of this hero was over on the birthday

The Bollywood movie ‘Rang’ gained immense popularity and today is the birthday of actor Kamal Sadana. Kamal Sadana was born on 21 October 1970 and today he is celebrating his 51st birthday. His performance in the film Rang and every song of the film made a place in the hearts of the people. Although Kamal’s career started well, but an incident happened in his life which took away his entire family at once. The incident is on October 21, Kamal’s birthday.


First of all, let us tell you that Kamal Sadana did his career debut film but this film could not show anything special on screen. However, the film ‘Rang’, released the very next year after the release of the film, was well received by the people. Shortly after this Kamal Sadana turned to TV and worked in the serial Kasam Se. After that he tried his hand at directing. Actually, in 2007 he made a film Karkash and in 2014 he roared, but both the films were flops. You will be surprised to know that Kamal’s father Brij Sadana shot his mother and sister on his 20th birthday.


Actually, there used to be frequent quarrels between Kamal Sadana’s mother Saeeda Khan and father Brij Sadana. The same thing happened on Kamal’s birthday and on the same day Brij Sadana shot his wife and daughter with his licensed gun and then killed himself. It is said that all this happened in front of Kamal’s eyes, which had a profound effect on his mind. Kamal was counseled and Kamal still does not know why his father fired. We wish Kamal a very happy birthday for the time being.




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