Government announced to curb the export of syringes


सरकार ने किया सीरिंज के निर्यात पर अंकुश लगाने का ऐलान

New Delhi: The government has announced an export ban on syringes with immediate effect, with an aim to discourage outbound shipments of the product in view of the current coronavirus pandemic situation.

“Export of syringes with or without needle has been placed under restricted category with immediate effect,” the Directorate General of Foreign Trade said in a notification, adding that it has shifted syringe exports to restricted category, under which an exporter will Look for a license or government authorization for shipment. In 2020-21, exports of syringes stood at USD 45.68 million. It was US$ 17.37 million during April-July in the current fiscal. The DGFT said the procedure for submission and approval of applications for export of syringes would be notified separately.

In a separate public notice, the DGFT said a quantity of 5,841 tonnes of sugar to be exported to the European Union has been notified under the tariff-rate quota scheme from October 1 to September 30, 2022. Tariff-rate quotas are for export volumes that enter the UK at relatively low tariffs. After the quota is met, a higher tariff is applied on exports.



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