Monday, November 29, 2021
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For positive results do not keep this type of god idols in the temple

The idol of the Lord should never be placed in the temple or anywhere else in the house so that its back or upper back is exposed. The idol should be visible from the front. The back side of the idol of God is said to be quite dangerous. By doing this the house will be cursed.

On the other hand, the idol of the Lord in his raw form should never be kept at home or in the temple. An idol depicting the Lord in an angry state. Always keep the idols of God in soft, lovely and beneficial condition. It has a calming effect. There should never be more than two idols or pictures of Ganesha in the house of worship.

Under no circumstances should the same broken idols or paintings of God be kept in the same house or temple. It is said to be extremely inauspicious. The presence of such idols is a source of evil. Consequently, submerge the scattered idols as soon as possible. Also, it is considered inauspicious to keep the idols of the same God face to face in the place of worship. Also, no two idols of the same God should be present at the same time or in the same area. This leads to domestic discord.




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