Farmers Protest: Roads are opening after SC’s rebuke, now action on Ghazipur border after Tikri


New Delhi: After Tikri border, now the work of removing barricades from Ghazipur border has started. Along with the farmers’ agitation for the last 11 months to withdraw agricultural laws on this road, the road from Ghaziabad to Delhi may open after the barricades are removed. At present only the barricades are being removed, the agitating farmers are still standing there.

According to the report, the police have first started removing the barbed wire at the Ghazipur border. Earlier on Thursday night, the barricading was removed from the Tikri border. The police removed the barricades at the farmers’ movement site on the Ghazipur border near the Delhi border. A police officer said, ‘There has been an order from the government, so we are opening the way by removing the barricades.’ On why the police barricades were erected, Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana said that the barricades were put up in view of the law and order situation in Noida, now talks are being held with the farmers and it is expected that soon this way will be accessible to the common citizens. will be opened for be given.

Earlier the matter was heard in the Supreme Court. The court had expressed displeasure over the road blockade by the protesters. The court had said that no such road can be closed for a long time as it causes trouble to the general public. Rakesh Tikait had then removed some of his tents on the Ghazipur border and tried to show that the road was blocked by the police and not the farmers. After this allegation of Tikait, now the police have started removing barricades from Tikri and now Ghazipur.



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