Who will make the first wild card entry?

Bigg Boss OTT is making a splash in the TV industry these days. The series of ups and downs continues in the show. You must be aware that in the meantime, Contestant Zeeshan Khan was thrown out of the house this week. In fact, after a fight with Prateek Sahajpal, he was reprimanded by Bigg Boss and had to leave the house as a punishment for breaking the rules of the house. There was no elimination this week as the show was eliminated midway this week.

Actually, this time the OTT host of Bigg Boss Karan Johar created the same suspense as Salman Khan and then gave good news to the contestants. All the contestants were surprised to hear this and the nominated contestants Prateek, Milind, Akshara, Neha were not happy. Karan Johar further said that 2 contestants of the show will be evicted from the house next week. But the bigger thing is that now there is going to be a wild card entry in the show soon.

However, Karan did not elaborate on this. Bollywood actress Sunny Leone attended Bigg Boss house on the previous day and had a lot of gossip with Karan Johar. After this Sunny Leone surprised the family members and went inside the house. Inside the house, Sunny played some tasks with the family and tried to find out which contestants they think about among the contestants. Well, now it will be interesting to see who enters the show with a wild card entry?


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