Swara Bhaskar suffered from high neck dress, said this by sharing the video

Who does not know Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar in today’s time. Swara Bhaskar has won the hearts of many people with her work and is also in the discussion about her statements. Swara Bhaskar is also sharing the best photos and videos on social sites these days. Now recently a new video of Swara Bhaskar has surfaced once again, which she herself has shared. This video is currently the topic of discussion in the city.

You can see in this video Swara is talking about the problem with high-neck dresses. In fact, this special video has been shared by Swara Bhaskar on her Instagram account. Sharing this video, Swara Bhaskar writes, “I am telling you that this is a problem. How does a lonely girl who lives alone get herself out of these fancy dresses? I want to know.” In fact, in this video, Swara Bhaskar is trying to take off her high neck dress after coming home from an event, although her hand is not able to reach the zip of her dress.

That’s why Swara Bhaskar is seen saying, “I wish there was someone who would help me. Which neighbor should I wake up?” Although this video of Swara Bhaskar is going viral at this time. Now people are commenting in different ways after watching this video. Seeing this, a user wrote, ‘This is the first time you are looking beautiful.’ Another wrote, ‘Hold a full time maid.’


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