Sonam Kapoor was seen kissing husband Anand in flight, see VIDEO


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Mumbai. Friends, let us tell you that Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja are known as the power couple of Bollywood. Both of them often share their beautiful pictures through their social media, which fans like very much. Friends, recently on social media, Sonam Kapoor has shared a video on the birthday of her love partner Anand. In this video, where Sonam Kapoor is looking very romantic with her husband, on the other hand, she is looking very emotional in the photo caption.

Let us tell you that on 30th July, Anand Ahuja celebrated his 38th birthday. Sonam Kapoor has shared a video to make her husband’s day romantic and special. Sharing this video, Sonam writes in the caption, “You are so true and lovely .. I can’t take my eyes off you. Thank you for explaining to me what love, patience and kindness are. I am a lucky girl who fell in love with my best friend. May God bless you every day of every year and month of your life, taking you closer to your goal. Many happy birthday wishes.

In this video shared by Sonam Kapoor, you can see that from the bed room to the plane, gym, street and park, the moments spent with Anand Ahuja have been shared. In VIDEO, a glimpse of the great bonding of both is being seen. In VIDEO, Sonam Kapoor is sometimes seen kissing Anand, sometimes fixing his hair, sometimes caressing his head, and sometimes smiling while working out with him in the gym.


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