Something happened on Kapil’s show that Govinda told his wife, ‘Aaj chum ke dekh le son’

These days big celebs are joining The Kapil Sharma Show one after the other. This week, the King of Bollywood Industry Govinda appeared on the show with his wife Sunita. Govinda has appeared in the show before and whenever he comes on the show, he creates a lot of noise. Now this time also this couple slapped each other in the show and entertained the audience a lot. Actually Kapil asked some questions to Govinda about the look of his wife Sunita in a segment, on which everyone laughed. Actually Kapil asked Govinda, ‘What color ear ring is his wife wearing? ‘

To avoid this question, Govinda sang in fun, ‘Tere Chehre Dekhne Nazar Nahi Hatti, Nazare Hum Kya Dekhe’. Kapil then asks Govinda what color nail paint his wife has applied. Govinda is unable to give any answer to this. Seeing this, Govinda’s wife tells Kapil that ‘she is not romantic at all. After this Kapil asked Govinda which shade of lipstick Sunita had applied. Govinda laughed out loud hearing that his lipstick would be red in colour.

On hearing this, Govinda’s wife says, “Aaj ki dekho son. However, Govinda added charm to Kapil’s show and entertained everyone.


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