Show ‘Imli’, Aditya will die to make a splash!

The TV show Tamarind has been witness to the fight between Imli and Malini these days. The show is about to take a turn in cinema. In fact, these days the post-wedding rituals of Tamarind and Aditya are going on in the show and while Malini has vowed that she will die only after ruining the face-to-face rituals. Malini then calls Satyakam and provokes him and then comes to the city and takes Aditya to a secluded place. At the same time, Tamarind had thought since morning that Aditya would be the first to lift his veil, but it does not happen. In fact, the tamarind chunari gets stuck in a nail and its curtain rises in front of Aditya’s picture. So you must be wondering what will happen next.

So let us tell you that now there is going to be a tremendous spectacle in the upcoming episode of Tamarind. In fact, seeing Tamarind without a veil, everyone will ask questions and Aditya’s mother will tell him four things in front of everyone. On the other hand, Satyakam will tell Aditya that he did no good by deceiving Tamarind. Meanwhile, Aditya will tell Satyakam that he only loves Tamarind and that he never cheated on her. On hearing all this Satyakam will say that he got a call from a lady that Aditya is cheating on Tamarind for Malini.

At the same time, Satyakam will also say that he has seen Aditya and Malini shopping with love inside a showroom. Meanwhile, Satyakam will shoot several bullets in Aditya’s chest before saying anything. Here, Tamarind will realize that everything is ruined. In such a situation, Tamarind will call Aditya but from there the voice of Satyakaam will come. This will upset Tamarind and she will ask Satyakam where is Aditya.

Satyakam will ask Tamarind to forget her forever. After all this, there will be a lot of excitement in Tripathi House. Meanwhile, Malini will tell Tamarind that she will not leave Aditya and his family if anything happens to her. Here, Tamarind will feel that Malini was behind Aditya’s disappearance. Now in the coming days, tremendous twists are going to come in the show.


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