‘Rakesh suddenly changed’, Shamita’s pain was deceived in front of Karan


Many shocking twists are coming in Bigg Boss OTT these days. The show is now moving towards its finale. Actually, the grand finale of the show is going to happen next week on 18 September. Before the finale of the show, in this week’s Sunday War episode, the show’s host Karan Johar told all the family members about their mistakes and also about the relationship between Shamita Shetty and Rakesh Bapat, the most talked about connection of the show. Meanwhile, Karan Johar said, “Shamita and Neha have a good bonding with Rakesh since the beginning of the show and then suddenly how did Divya become so important to Rakesh. Hearing this, Shamita said, ‘She also did not understand when and how Divya became. Very special for Rakesh.

Then Karan Johar asked Shamita if ‘Rakesh has broken her heart?’ Shamita said, ‘Yes Rakesh has broken her heart. Shamita says that Rakesh has completely blocked her. Shamita further said, ‘If they feel that they do not want to hurt me, then they should talk to me openly, whatever is on their mind, but they have left. Rakesh makes me feel like I am after him and Rakesh does not want to be with me.’

At the same time, Shamita further told Karan Johar, ‘At the beginning of the show, Rakesh used to tell me that I like Shamita very much, he used to call me a strong girl and a lot Rakesh but he suddenly changed and now I see a new Rakesh. I am Shamita further said that she is angry with herself. ‘

Hearing all this, Shamita also told Rakesh, ‘What would his mother think that the boy does not want to live? Shamita also told Rakesh that “whatever has been shown poorly on national television wants Rakesh to show a positive attitude towards him on national television now. Rakesh and Shamita’s relationship is really getting tangled in the show. We were happy in the beginning but now there is only confusion between the two.


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