Who does not know Punjabi singer Himanshi Khurana today. Himanshi has won everyone’s heart with her work and her style. Although recently Himanshi has celebrated the birthday of her boyfriend Asim Riaz. The song of Himanshi and Asim was also released on Asim’s birthday, which got the love of the fans. On his birthday, Asim expressed his feelings in front of the media about his career and fan support. He said, ‘I have a journey of 10 years. I am 28 years old today. I come from a small place. from a small street. To dream big. Others used to laugh at me and I used to laugh that these people are laughing at me today. These people don’t know that my desire is rapping, writing, modeling. All this has brought me here. I am very happy today. Keep hating the people who hate me. But I am grateful to the people who gave me love.

Apart from him, Himanshi Khurana also gave an interview. She talked about her marriage to Asim Riaz and told when she is finally getting married to Asim Riaz. He said, “Asim has just started doing his work completely. It’s time for Asim Riaz to move on. We are not thinking of marriage right now. I am also working round the clock. To get married means to give time to each other. ‘

Later, Himanshi said, “We work in two different industries. Our upbringing and religion are also different. She is in Mumbai. Because of this, everything is different. We don’t spoil things for ourselves in a hurry. We want to. Marriage is a big decision. We don’t want to get married in a hurry. We don’t want to make a relationship a joke for each other. We want to do it sensibly at the right time.'” Well, Himanshi replied. Fans have surprised many people and now everyone is wondering whether Asim and Himanshi will get married or not?


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