Mumbai. Friends, let us tell you that Bollywood actress Nora Fatehi is a tremendous performer. Everyone is a fan of his dance moves. Nora Fatehi is always seen in western wear. Friends, recently she appeared in a pink sari. Nora Fatehi was looking very beautiful. His videos and photos are visible on the social media handles of the paparazzi. The fans of Nora Fatehi are praising her, while some people have also trolled her. People are commenting on Nora’s move.

Friends, let us tell you that Nora Fatehi came to shoot in Filmistan on Monday. Nora Fatehi looked beautiful in a pink sari amid the rain. As soon as his video went viral, some people trolled him on the mask and some on the trick.

Friends, let us tell you that a follower on Instagram of Syllab photographer Viral Bhaiyani has written, why is this going on like this, man can go normal too. Another has written, he does not know normal walk? On the other hand, a fan of Nora Fatehi has written that I know that you guys are laughing at her trick but just pay attention to how graceful she is.


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