‘My family is going through a tough time and I am an idiot..’, Shamita Shetty wept bitterly

People are very fond of Bigg Boss OTT these days. Everything from emotional breakdown to fights is being seen in the show. The show belongs to Karan Johar and he comes to host Sunday Ke Vaar. However, before his arrival, there was a fierce fight between Shamita Shetty and Nishant Bhatt. Yes, the quarrel between the two had increased a lot. She saw Shamita in anger and started crying. Actually, Rakesh Bapat-Shamita and Akshara Singh-Pratik Sahajpal have been nominated for punishment in the show. Bigg Boss has punished everyone.

So he had to do a task in which he had to walk continuously. All the contestants were sitting in the garden area, although Shamita and Rakesh did not agree to the punishment, later they did the task. While both were doing the task, Shamita first started crying and told Rakesh that there is a class divide in the house. He said, ‘She feels like she is living in a gutter. Then she weeps bitterly and says, ‘My family is going through a very difficult phase and I have come on the show like a fool and trying to prove to the family that I am good.’ Meanwhile, Divya, Nishant sit at the dining table and sing ‘Hasso aur raasta kaat do’.

Seeing this, Shamita gets furious and tells Rakesh that her 15-year-old friend is a snake. Meanwhile Nishant insists that he is happy that Bigg Boss has ordered everyone to sit in the garden area and watch the task. Shamita does not like this and she reprimands Nishant. She yells at Nishant and asks, “Do you like this work”. Shamita then abuses them and calls them snakes. Nishant also does not keep quiet and shouts at the camera ‘Look, this is the real Shamita Shetty who abuses people. This is the real face of Shamita. Then he calls Shamita plastic and says that she has come here only to eat gluten-free food. In such a situation, there is a fierce fight between the two.


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