Krishna Abhishek said on controversy with Govinda – Someone is angry with you only when he …

Famous comedian and actor Krushna Abhishek is having a fight with his maternal uncle Govinda. Mama Govinda is very disappointed with his nephew Krishna. Krishna wants his uncle Govinda and mother Sunita to forgive him. Krishna has said that he has apologized to Mama and Mami many times but they are not forgiving them.

Govinda and Sunita were recently seen in The Kapil Sharma Show. After the show, Krishna’s aunt, Sunita, while discussing with the journalists, had said something that hurt Krishna. Sunita said that three years ago I had said that as long as I am alive, this matter is not going to be resolved. You cannot insult or humiliate anyone in the name of family. We have raised them and we have not kept them that way. What more can I say, this matter is never going to be resolved and I don’t want to see his face ever again.

According to a report received, Krishna was disappointed with Mami Sunita’s words and said, “I know my aunt has said a lot against me.” Krishna said, “Of course, I am very sad about this, but now I feel that he is very angry because they (mama-maami) are disappointed with me.” It was something filmy that ‘I don’t want to see his face again.’ Someone is angry with you only when he loves you. Krishna said that he has apologized to his maternal uncle not once but many times but he is not forgiving him.


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