KL Rahul’s heart came on this photo of Athiya, users said – get married please


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Mumbai. Friends, let us tell you that Bollywood actress Athiya Shetty is in the news these days about her love life. Athiya Shetty has been in discussion for a long time about Indian cricketer KL Rahul. For information, let us tell you that Athiya and Rahul are in London. Meanwhile, Athiya has shared a photo of her on Instagram, on which her rumored boyfriend Rahul has commented.

Friends, let us tell you that in this photo going viral on Instagram, she is posing under the open sky and sitting on the green grass. Athiya Shetty is looking beautiful in open hair in a monotone outfit. KL Rahul has commented on this photo of Athiya Shetty by sharing brown emoji.

His fans have become happy after seeing Rahul’s comment on Athiya Shetty’s post. Not only this, the fans are requesting to marry Athiya Shetty soon, while replying to Rahul’s comment. One fan wrote, “KL Rahul get married please please,” commented a user asking, “Rahul sir when are you getting married?” A third called him a ‘true lover goal’ and wrote, “Look, love online, you guys are true love words


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