Karan Patel’s anger erupted over corona restrictions, saying, ‘leaders can rally but common man cannot work’


Film actor Karan Patel has described the Corona restrictions as a foolish act. He said that actors and cricketers can do their work, while the common man cannot go to work. In fact, the lockdown restrictions have been tightened recently due to the rise in Corona cases.

On Sunday, the Maharashtra government has announced that a lockdown will be imposed in the state and the rules will be strictly followed. It will run from 8:00 am to 30 April on Monday night. It also has professional restriction in place. All office workers have to work from home Has been told and announced the total lockdown and night curfew on the weekend. Also, the entertainment industry is told not to shoot on the weekend. However, he can shoot for 5 days.

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In the midst of all this, the anger of television actor Karan Patel has erupted. He said that there is no reason for the common man not to work. Karan Patel often talks about himself on social media. Now he has said that actors, cricketers and politicians You can do your work but the common man cannot and he has to suffer the most. He shared the post, ‘Actors can shoot their projects. Cricketers can play their matches. Leaders can rally in the thousands. The state can hold elections. Appeals to the people to vote, but the common man cannot go to work. This is very stupid. ‘

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