Jasmin Bhasin went to Jammu to meet Ali Goni’s family



TV actors Ali Goni and Jasmine Bhasin have been in the news for their performances, but ever since the two have openly revealed their relationship, they have been making considerable headlines. In Bigg Boss season 14, Jasmine and Ali both sealed their relationship for the world for the first time. Now speculations are being made about their marriage. Today i.e. on Tuesday, Ali Goni and Jasmine Bhasin were spotted together at Mumbai Airport. Both have left for Jammu.

Ali Goni is a resident of Jammu and his family lives there. It is being told that Jasmin Bhasin has left for Jammu with Ali Goni to meet his family. The two seem to have gone to Jammu to convince family members for their marriage. However, no seal has been put on the matter yet.

Jasmine appeared in a funky look at the airport. He was wearing a black top and black trousers. He also drove a red pulak. On the other hand, Ali Goni wore a white T-shirt and green jacket with denim. At Bigg Boss house, Jasmine is initially a little nervous, but when Ali Goni enters Bigg Boss house, Jasmine comes in front of everyone.

He was involved with almost every person in the house. While Ali made Rubina his sister at home, his friend with Rahul made a home in everyone’s heart. However, when Jasmine entered the house after rejoining, she looked very negative and also played with Rubina. However, Ali always tried to stop him. The fans fell in love with both of them.



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