‘If RSS was like Taliban, neither…’, Shiv Sena lashed out at Javed Akhtar

Mumbai: Shiv Sena has given a befitting reply to lyricist Javed Akhtar for comparing Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and terrorist organization Taliban. Shiv Sena has written in its mouthpiece Saamana (Saamana) that it is not fair to compare the RSS with the Taliban. It has also been written that the majority of Hindus should not be repressed continuously. The Shiv Sena wrote, “The Taliban rule of Afghanistan is the meanest, biggest threat to society and mankind. Countries like Pakistan, China have supported it. The mindset of India is not the same.

Shiv Sena wrote that we are very tolerant in every way. Some people may be trying to bring dictatorship under the veil of democracy, yet they have a limit. So it is not right to compare RSS with Taliban. Shiv Sena wrote, ‘Javed Akhtar is known for his outspoken statements. Javed Akhtar has torn the masks of those fundamentalists whenever the perversions of fanaticism, sedition have cropped up in the country. He has sung ‘Vande Mataram’ regardless of the fanatics. Yet we do not accept the comparison of RSS with Taliban. Saamana writes, ‘Your ideology is secular, so how can it be said that Taliban ideologies support the concept of ‘Hindu Rashtra’? The genocide and violence committed by the barbaric Taliban in Afghanistan. Those who are reducing humanity are shocking. Fearing the Taliban, millions of people have fled the country. Women are being harassed. Afghanistan has become hell. The Taliban has to bring only Sharia power there. For those who try to make our country a Hindu Rashtra, the concept of Hindu nation-building is benign.

Shiv Sena further wrote, “Had the RSS or Shiv Sena been Taliban-minded, there would not have been a law against triple talaq in this country.” Millions of Muslim women do not see the ray of freedom. Saamna writes, ‘Hindutva idea is very ancient in India. The reason for this is that the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, is the basis of Hinduism. External attackers attacked Hindu culture with a sword. Conversion took place under British rule. Hindu society fought against it. All of them, but he never became a Taliban. Every country in the world today stands on the foundation of religion. Buddhists, US-European countries, Christians, and all other nations claim their religion as Islamic republics. But is there a single Hindu nation on the world stage? Despite being a majority Hindu in India, this country is standing waving the flag of secularism. It is their reasonable expectation that the majority of Hindus should not be continuously oppressed. Javed Akhtar What we are saying is right, isn’t it?

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