Filmmaker Santosh Gupta’s wife and daughter commit suicide, lock themselves in house and set themselves on fire


Filmmaker Santosh Gupta’s wife Asmita and daughter Shishthi Gupta have committed suicide. Both of them have given their lives by setting themselves on fire in their house. According to PTI news, a 55-year-old woman allegedly committed suicide by setting fire to her house with her daughter in Andheri, Mumbai. Upon identification, the woman and girl were found to be the wife and daughter of film maker Santosh Gupta.

According to the news agency, Asmita and Shishthi set themselves on fire in their DN Nagar Andheri house on Monday afternoon. The matter came to light when the neighbors came to know about it and called the fire brigade. After which both were quickly rushed to Cooper Hospital but by then it is too late. Asmita was declared dead on arrival at the hospital, while the daughter, who had suffered burns of up to 70 percent, was referred to the Airoli Nation Burns Center where the daughter also succumbed on Tuesday.

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As per the news, Asmita was struggling with a serious illness, due to which she was very upset and, being upset, she ended her life. At the same time, the daughter could not see the problem of her mother and she also ended her life with the mother. According to the report, Asmita had been battling a kidney beam for a long time, which had become a trauma for her, due to which, Asmita set herself on fire. At the same time, Shristhi could not tolerate this trauma of her mother and she also gave her life with her mother. Bharat Gaikwad, senior inspector of DN Nagar police station, says that ‘two separate reports have been filed in this case, the rest of the case is being investigated’.

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