Dancing Dadi created an uproar on the internet with her dance, seeing Bollywood stars also die



Dancing Dadi Yes, after watching his videos, you are going to say the same to him. Because it is so amazing to dance. One of his latest videos is going viral. In this, she is dancing to the famous song ‘Dola Re Dola’.

This is that dance video. More than 37 thousand users have seen this video till the time of writing the news.

The age of this grandmother is 62 years. His name is Ravi Bala, he keeps sharing his videos on Insta. In this dance video you can see that she is dancing to Punjabi songs.


She also sings a lot of songs. In this video she is playing harmonium and singing along with them.

In this video you can see that she is also playing tabla. Grandma showed that there was talent in them. She also dances, sings and also plays tabla-harmonium.

This is life, friends. Ravi Bala ji has told that in which there is skill, age falls short before him. They move forward. We salute Ravi Bala’s dance She does not know how many people are inspiring her through her dance videos. By the way, how did you like their dance?



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