By sharing the video of the children, Anupam had told Indian, the user told that if he belongs to Pakistan…


Bollywood actor Anupam Kher shared a stunning video of a group of kids just a few days back. In that video, some children of the village were seen playing military tunes with cane sticks. In fact, Anupam described the video as a video of the talented children of India and praised them. However, Anupam has responded when a user called these talented kids from Pakistan. Let us tell you that Anupam has shared this video by a user on his Twitter account. Sharing this, he wrote, ‘Some children have formed a band together in some village of India.’

This band does not have any modern equipment. And what tune has he chosen! of military bands, because they know that “the real strength is in the heart!!” Call these children, where are these children?’ Anupam also tagged a user’s Twitter account with this tweet. Now amidst all this, a user has claimed the real location of the children seen in the video.

As you can see, a user named UNODC Goodwill Ambassador Shahzad Roy has written, ‘Sir, thank you for sharing this video which I shared a few days ago. You said these talented kids are from India, a humble correction, these kids are from Hunza in Pakistan. I am in touch with him and have also sent him the necessary instruments. At the same time, after this tweet of the user, Anupam replied and wrote, ‘I liked the video my friend. Keep up your noble work with these kids. Love and prayers always.’ Now a lot of people are praising Anupam.


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