Billie Eilish shares ‘fantasies about L.A.’ as animated Disney princess


Singer Billie Eilish shared the trailer of Happier Than Ever. The singer’s Disney+ concert film has finally released an official trailer that opens up on her relationship with her homeland, Los Angeles.

The Bad Guys singer revealed her “fantasies about LA” and called the place a “whole different world” that is somehow connected to her own world. The trailer begins with dramatic music and some of Billy’s songs play in the background almost all the time. She reveals her role on the album Happier Than Ever. In videos, Eilish’s animated character often looks directly into the camera. You can also watch some key scenes inside the trailer.

The trailer mostly focuses on Eilish performing with a band and his carefree vibe at a concert. “It’s a concert film, but it’s also a story at the same time,” says Billy, while the trailer shows her as a boss lady before turning into her animated character! She continued, “It’s like a beautiful version of old Hollywood.”

Eilish’s concert film to be released on Disney Plus Hotstar will take fans on a journey to reveal how the singer has worked on one of her most ambitious albums, Happier Than Ever.


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