Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 latest episode on 18th February, 2021



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Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 latest episode on 18th February, 2021

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Update: The latest episode on 17th February is all about the emotional moments. The contestants of the reality show were talked about the emotional part of their life in front of others. This season’s laugh contestant Dimpal Bhal shared an incident that touched the heart of his life and brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

According to the weekly work, the fashion psychologist was asked to share a challenging event in his life, and his title was ‘Best Friend’. As soon as he got the title, Dimpal shared that he was going to talk about two ‘soul friends’ of his life. First, he talked about Masa, a college-time friend, and shared that she was lucky to have such a person in her life. Later, she introduced Juliet, one of the first friends of her life, to the girl she met when he was in 7th grade.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Eviction talk, Emotional tears
Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 latest episode on 18th February, 2021

Dimpal shared, “There is no Dimpal without Juliet. We are such close friends. One evening, after leaving school, we decided to travel in a jeep. When the journey was over, she began to feel awkward fortune, and finally, she collapsed. Finally, she asked me, ‘Can I hug you? ‘ She hugged me and she lay on my lap and closed her eyes, at last I knew something bad was going on for my loved one but I was helpless. I took her to the hospital with the help of the jeep driver but we could not save her.

A few days later, she was all over us. I know she left, and her mother called me, and one thing she inquired about was ‘What did Juliet say to you last?’ 20 years later, that mother still asks me the same question whenever I meet her.

However, I feel embarrassed when someone hugs me, because of Juliet. I can still feel the last hug.”Later, Dimpal, who had written Juliet’s date of birth, showed his hand tattooed. The housemates were seen in tears when they saw the completely unknown side of the chirpy Dimpal.

On another hand in the recent episode, Surya Menon spoke openly about Elimination while talking to singer Lakshmi Jayan.She said, “I have rivals. So what’s the point of saying you’re nominating them. Now someone is bothering me. Or I felt like someone did the wrong thing. But I will not be in that problem.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. I will nominate that person. But this week I could not find anything. Let me tell you a possibility of that. When there are no reasons, then what we say is the option we did not do first.

Nominate those who seem to be the worst competitors, the ones who are most silent, the ones who stand aside. There are no other options. I have a reason to go and talk to everyone. My house is in dire financial straits. There is a lot of debt. My father and mother are elderly.

They can’t do any work.”Also, she added, “I only think that if I stay here for three or four weeks, I can take that much money home.” Lakshmi Jayan told Surya that all she can do with her is not to nominate her in this week’s nomination.




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