Aijaz Khan came to the live of Pavitra Punia, made a demand, said – mouth watering is coming …


In the 14th season of ‘Bigg Boss’, Ijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia may not get the trophy but they got together. His fans call the pair of both as ‘pavijaz’. While the love of his love is famous, the videos and pictures often go viral. Ijaz Khan made a request to him in the live session of the recent Pavitra Punia. He himself has shared a screenshot of this on his Insta story.

Galouti kebabs ordered from Holy

A screenshot appears on Ejaz Khan’s Instagram Story. In this, the holy man is seen speaking and Ejaz has written in the comment, Good baby, sorry to disturb but do not forget to bring the galouti kebab which you had prepared. My mouth is watering. Ejaz wrote with the screenshot, ‘Turulob’ (True Love).

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Increased closeness between shows

Bigg Boss 14 initially featured an on-off chemistry between Pavithra and Ejaz. But after Pavithra left the show, Ijaz started to miss her, while Pavitra appeared saying that she is missing Ijaz.
Often seen on outings together

During the show, both of them had expressed their feelings when they came to meet Ejaz. After coming out, both of them opened their relationship to the world. Both are often seen together on outings.



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