After Sana khan, now this TV actor left acting for religion, said- ‘I am surrendering to Allah’


There are many Bollywood and TV stars who have said goodbye to the acting world due to their religion and personal reasons. Last year, Bollywood actress Sana Khan left the world of acting, giving Islam a break. Now in this episode, TV actor Sakib Khan has also announced to leave the acting world citing religion.

Saqib Khan has been a part of the reality show Roadies. He has shared a picture of himself on his Instagram account. He has written a long post with this picture. In this post, Saqib Khan has stated that he was wandering and going against the principles of his religion. He will not be modeling or acting in the future. He also told the fans that he had many projects, but God had other plans for him.

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Saqib Khan wrote in his post, ‘Aslamalekum brothers and sisters, hope you all are doing well. Today’s post deals with the announcement to leave the acting world. So I will not do any modeling and acting in future. It is not that the work did not happen to me or I gave up !! I had good projects. It was not the will of Allah. Surely some good and better Allah would have thought for me, Insha Allah. He is the best planner. ‘


Saqib Khan has further explained in the post how he has seen people in Mumbai struggling to survive, but he had gained a large number of fans and fame within a year. He said, ‘He is nothing for the world and finally (life after death). I used to read Namaz and pray but I found that I was ‘relaxed’ and lacking in my accountability to God. So now I am completely surrendering to Allah. The comfort I was looking for was in front of me, in my book (our holy book Quran).

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