Elon Musk says Tesla’s Cybertruck will have removable side mirrors. Is this legal?


Due to several production delays, the Tesla Cybertruck isn’t scheduled to hit US roads until at least 2023. However, the delay doesn’t rule out the possibility that the electric pickup could continue to make headlines, especially as Tesla CEO Elon Musk continues to answer questions about it on Twitter.

An Internet user recently expressed his dissatisfaction with Cybertruck’s side mirror, prompting Musk to point out an interesting point. According to Musk’s Twitter response, Cybertruck’s side mirrors are subject to change. “They are required by law, but are engineered to be easily removed by owners,” he said. Several additional Internet users then reported that most people who would buy a Tesla Cybertruck would remove the side mirrors when the option became available.

However, several others have pointed out that removing the side mirrors can be unsafe and may violate rules and regulations.

Side mirrors of any vehicle help to get a good view of traffic from behind, as well as assist drivers and occupants in detecting pedestrians or obstacles. While others believe that this important feature does not need to be abolished in modern automobiles, several firms have experimented with side extensions that only show the video feed instead of mirrors.

According to the US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard, vehicles must have side mirrors, even if rear-facing cameras do not make it clear to broadcast live on them. But with more and more technology coming into today’s vehicles, there may be a need to strike a balance between convenience, safety, legitimacy and a sense of awe.



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