Elon Musk Is Not Planning To Bring Tesla Cars To India Now


Elon Musk Is Not Planning To Bring Tesla Cars To India Now

Elon Musk Tesla: The central government wants Elon Musk to manufacture electric cars in India and export it from here, but Musk is now ignoring India and looking towards other markets. Nishant Prasad, who was given the responsibility of Tesla’s Supercharger network in India, now has the post of Asia Pacific’s Charging Operations Lead on his LinkedIn profile.

change the role of employees
Similarly, Manoj Khurana, Tesla’s first employee in India, who was to hold the responsibility of public policy and business development, has been given a product role and sent to California last month. It seems that Musk is adamant that the Indian government should first reduce the import duty on Tesla. The central government, however, has categorically denied giving such preference to any one vehicle company.

Musk wants import duty on his electric vehicles
Musk has said in the past that he wants to launch Tesla in India, but its import duty on electric vehicles is among the highest in the world. At present, 100 percent import duty is levied in India on imported cars costing more than $ 40 thousand i.e. 30 lakh rupees. This also includes shipping charges, insurance etc. Imported cars, which cost less than $40,000, attract 60 per cent import duty.

Elon Musk wants full discount
Tesla’s model is 40 thousand dollars and it is an affordable car for the US market but with the import duty in the Indian market it becomes very expensive. Musk says that he is facing a challenge from the Indian government in releasing his products in India. He had tweeted that Tesla is not in the market there because of the Indian government.

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Government of India not in the mood for concession
On the other hand, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari has clearly said many times that Musk is welcome in India if he wants to manufacture cars here.

What Nitin Gadkari said
He said in Raisina Dialogue 2022 last month that but if Musk wants to make a car in China and sell it in India, then it is not a good proposition for India. He said that we request Musk to come to India and manufacture the car here. We don’t have any problem with this. There are vendors here and we will provide them all kinds of technology and due to this they can reduce the price of their vehicles here.

Appeasement policy cannot be adopted for any one vehicle company: Gadkari
Gadkari said that India is a big market and it also offers immense potential for exports. Musk can export Tesla from India only. They will benefit from this.
Apart from the Union Minister, many states have also offered Musk to manufacture Tesla in India. Gadkari had also said in February last that if Musk wants to run Tesla on the roads of India, then he will have to build it here. On Musk’s demand to reduce customs duty, he said that the country cannot adopt a policy of appeasement for any one automobile company.


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