Electric Vehicles Battery Swapping And Stations On National Highways See Full Details


The EV battery swapping stations in India: The Government of India is set to take a huge move to encourage Electric Vehicles (EV). A comprehensive plan is in the process of being devised to create a variety of charging stations and battery swapping stations to charge electric vehicles along the national highways.

To facilitate this, around 700 sites have been recognized through officials from Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH). The locations are all situated on the Golden Quadrilateral Highway, East-West and North-South Corridors as well as Greenfield Expressway. Way-side centers equipped with facilities such as numerous charging points as well as battery swapping will be built at each of these sites.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is planning for the inclusion of battery swapping stations as part of the contract to construct charging centers. Giridhar Armane who is the secretary of the Ministry, stated, “The government has prepared plans for the development of charging infrastructure on a national scale and 700 spots are identified on new as well as existing highways to be used for the installation of electric vehicle infrastructure. In the case of infrastructure that includes both the charging point and the battery swapping facility.”

Draft policy published through NITI Aayog

It is anticipated that the policy of swapping batteries will be accepted by the government within the next few days in order that current electric vehicle owners can eliminate the inconvenience of having to wait for hours to recharge the battery that is depleted of their vehicle. In swapping stations, motorists can replace the battery that is discharged from their vehicle by a charged battery, which will reduce the time spent charging. To address this issue an draft policy for swapping batteries was released through NITI Aayog which is awaiting approval from the government.

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Two-wheelers with electric motors rise.

According to experts that there is a demand in electric vehicles for India is likely to grow fast following the acceptance of the policy to increase the use of battery swapping technology. The absence charge infrastructure has been the major reason for the small sales of these vehicles. Implementing a battery swapping system for the EV market is regarded as a significant improvement as it can assist in meeting the requirements of three and two wheelers in the EV market which can help increase the market size. .

The infrastructure for charging will be improved

The net zero emission carbon is being implemented by India in 2070. To reach this goal, the focus will be on increasing the amount of electric vehicles on the road as well as the creation of green roads will assist those living in India to switch to electric vehicles. The source of the information was disclosed. official from the government said “As charging infrastructure is improved in cities The government will promote the adoption of mobility electric vehicles on roads. The government has only selected 700 spots chosen in the initial phase to support EV charging stations. The government is planning to offer charging stations each 10-20km along the highways.


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