Ducati will soon launch its smallest bike, you will be surprised to know its features


Ducati, known for its high speed and superbikes, is all set to launch the Ducati Pro-3 e-scooter in the electric scooter segment. This scooter is very small in appearance, but knowing about its features, you will also lose your senses. It has many amazing features which are stunner. Although it has not been launched in India yet. So let’s know in detail about its features…

This chip starts to show: The best thing about the Ducati Pro-3 e-scooter is that it includes innovative NFC technology, a contactless connection method, to get you started. That is, this scooter will start only after the owner of the scooter shows the chip. In this regard, the company has informed that only those who have this chip will be able to start this scooter. It will start as soon as the NFC token is brought near the display of the scooter.

Range up to 50 km on a single charge: The Ducati Pro-3 e-scooter also gets a 350W motor and a battery pack. Its capacity is 468mAh. In a single charge, this scooter will give you a range of up to 50 km. It takes 9 hours for its battery to be fully charged. The Indian price of this scooter is around Rs 68,400.

Smartphones can also be charged with this: Ducati Pro-3 e-scooter is also being given a 3.2-inch LED display. Here you will be able to charge your smartphone or other gadget with the help of USV port. In this scooter you will be able to choose 4 modes of riding. You can enjoy drive at a speed of 6 kmph in first mode, 15 kmph in second mode, 20 kmph in third mode and 25 kmph in fourth mode. It is fitted with a 10-inch anti-puncture tubeless tyre, which makes it very comfortable to travel with. The scooter also gets front and rear disc brakes. This scooter can lift a maximum weight of 100 kg.



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