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HomelifestyleDiwali Special: This is the most auspicious time on Diwali

Diwali Special: This is the most auspicious time on Diwali

Diwali, which is celebrated every year, is also celebrated with pomp this year. In such a situation, you should know the occasion of worship on the occasion of Deepawali a day in advance, so that the preparation can be easy. Let us tell you that there is going to be a time of two hours for the morning worship on Diwali. In a stable Taurus ascendant, the worship will be from 6:10 pm to 8:04 pm. Business establishments, showrooms and shops are also going to be closed in the afternoon and evening.


Actually this time the position of the planets is very auspicious on the day of Diwali. Astrologers say that on Diwali, the transit of the Moon will be in Libra, the planet of wealth and prosperity, which will bring wealth and prosperity to all. Along with this, the people of Libra zodiac will increase the business and shopping of jewelery etc. on Diwali this time. With the Moon and Jupiter in each other’s center on Diwali, Diwali will also create the most auspicious Gaja-Kesari Yoga that will increase wealth and prosperity in the lives of the people.


Talking about the Muhurta, the stable marriage (Kumbh) will take place on Diwali between 1:45 pm to 3 pm, so this time will be the best time for those who have to perform Diwali Puja in offices, shops, business places, factories . The grand wedding will take place between 1:45 pm to 3 pm in the business place and office. On the other hand, there will be a stable marriage (Taurus) on the day of Diwali from 6:10 pm to 8.04 pm and this time will be auspicious and best for Diwali worship of the house.




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