Death Certificate Online Birth Certificate Government Services Birth Certificate Online Process


Death Certificate Online Birth Certificate Government Services Birth Certificate Online Process

Birth and Death Certificate: In today’s time, both birth and death certificates are necessary. If a child is born in your house, then birth certificate is required everywhere from admission in school to making Aadhaar. Birth certificate is the first legal document of any child. Apart from this, after the death of any person, the death certificate is necessary for claiming the insurance policy or for any kind of bank related work.

What is written in the birth certificate
In this, the name of that child is entered along with the name of his/her parents. In the birth certificate, apart from the date, place and gender of the baby, many important information is written. This document also serves as the identification of the child.

What documents will be needed for birth certificate-

Birth certificate of parents

marriage certificate of parents

hospital birth letter

parent’s identity card

Get a birth certificate made within 21 days
Birth certificate is issued by the municipal corporation in urban areas. At the same time, in rural areas, it can be met by the Tehsildar and the authority at the village level from the Gram Panchayat office. You can get the certificate made within 21 days of the birth of the child. At the same time, if it is more than 21 days, then you have to process offline.

Why is Birth Certificate Important?
You can enroll a child in school only after the birth certificate. Apart from this, it is also needed for driving license and passport. Through this you can also get the right to vote. You can also use this document for marriage rights.

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Why is death certificate necessary?
Death certificate is required to determine the time and date of death. Apart from this, this certificate is also required for claiming the property. This document is also necessary for disposal of ancestral property. Along with this, it is also needed for insurance claims.

Information to be given within 21 days
Along with this, if someone dies in your house, then you have to inform the sub-registrar about it within 21 days. Where this incident has happened, information has to be given at those places.


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