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HomelifestyleDarjeeling Homestay Is Different From Anything You've Ever Experienced

Darjeeling Homestay Is Different From Anything You’ve Ever Experienced

Homestays provide a haven of security and much-needed solitude, away from the crowds. In addition, they provide the ideal environment for travelers to live in an affordable manner. Since small commercial operations, homestays can be found in a variety of tourist destinations, and these cheap accommodations certainly play an important role in making the trip a memorable one, as they offer a homey atmosphere and exquisite local cuisine. provide.

‘Birdsong’ Homestay in Mirik, Darjeeling in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal is one such popular homestay that has taken social media by storm. One of the most attractive places in the gorgeous landscape of Darjeeling, Mirik is a popular tourist attraction. Mirik allures the visitors with its relaxing gentle atmosphere and enchanting natural beauty. Savitri Pushpodyan (Garden) and Sumendu Lake are two of the most popular attractions of this unique place. Mirik Bazar, Thana Line, Krishnanagar, Deusedra, Thurbo, Mirik Basti and Byapri Golai are some of the backpacker-friendly destinations.


The ‘Birdsong’ gives it a romantic feel as the guesthouse is surrounded by lush green groves of deodar trees. Moreover, the view of the Kangchenjunga mountains made of gold is simply breathtaking. A wooden terrace, in addition to the stunning 360-degree view of the surroundings from the homestay’s living rooms and bedrooms, allows guests to experience the enchanting beauty of nature. Evenings can be enjoyable with the campfire and delectable barbecue.


Thanks to the amount of fresh air, strolling about the homestay can be refreshing. You can take a walk through the tea fields and learn about the process of making tea powder. Tea enthusiasts will have a wonderful time sampling the different varieties of tea from the local cafes. Another attraction for visitors to this paradise on earth is the boating on Mirik Lake. A visit to one of the neighboring Buddhist centers can also help you feel better.




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