Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Crypto Prices Today, Ethereum Drops 5-pc in Solana

The cryptocurrency market capitalization fell more than 1.98 percent to $2.59 trillion in the past 24 hours, as the major cryptocurrency turned red. With a current price of USD 57,852, bitcoin has lost 0.11 percent of its market share, putting it at 42.24 percent.

Except for solana, which rose 4.5 percent to $222, all other currencies sank, including bitcoin, which declined 2.76 percent, ethereum declined 4.27 percent, and polkadot lost nearly 2.5 percent. Only the coin, which rose more than 27.90 percent to $0.7, and Avalanche, which rose 5.59 percent to $131, climbed significantly.

DeFi accounted for 14.84 percent of the total USD 15.84 billion market volume in the 24-hour period. Similarly, stablecoins accounted for 78.31% of the intraday market volume or $83.59 billion.




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