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Corona’s new variant ‘Omicron’ increased the danger! Health Ministry gave strict instructions to the states

New Delhi: The outbreak of corona infection is increasing once again. There are situations like lockdown in many countries of Europe. There are strict restrictions, hotels are closed, markets are sleeping, the clouds of lockdown are hovering over the celebration of Christmas. According to a report, restrictions have been tightened in European countries to prevent sharp injuries in cases of corona virus, while the lockdown is in force. Bars are closed in Austria’s capital Vienna, while Christmas markets are on in Munich, Germany. Meanwhile, the situation in the British capital London is much better. In India too, people in India are worried about the possibility of the next corona wave amid increasing restrictions in Europe.

There has been a global outcry after the new version of Corona, Omicron, was found in South Africa and later its cases were found in other countries. Here, instructions have been issued by the government to increase surveillance in this regard. Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan has written a letter to all the states on the new version ‘Omicron’, directing them to do intensive prevention, increase surveillance measures and speed up corona vaccination.

Although this is not the first time that the situation in Britain is different from the neighboring countries due to the infection, but this time people are not as nervous as before. Britain has so far been hit by three nationwide lockdowns and Corona has killed 145,000 people in Europe, the highest in Britain after Russia. On the other hand, hospitals in many countries including the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic seem to be struggling due to increasing cases of infection. Lockdown and restrictions have been imposed in these countries due to the case session.




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